Thursday, January 2, 2014

Real Life, Revisited

Soooo, quick update on the linked piece.

The police are confident that it was a contract killing.  They don’t have a lead on the actual killer, but they think they’ve got an idea, at least, of who hired him.  They’re working on gathering evidence.  I don’t know if there ever will be enough evidence to actually make an arrest, but we’ll see.

His funeral was Saturday.  I was unable to attend. 

Still seems sort of unreal.  I can’t figure out how Hollywood spilled out into the real world here, somehow.  I do know that it is beyond the pale that this happened, and the animals that did this have chosen to live outside of civilized society, and should therefore be treated as such – no protections from a society that they, themselves, shunned.  

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  1. This sucks on so many levels. I'm sorry for your friend.