Thursday, January 9, 2014

Misuse of Power is Bi-Partisan

So the Federal Government doesn’t get its way, and closes down unmanned, open air parks and monuments, bans people from viewing Federal monuments even from a distance, shuts down military grocery stores (but keeps open a golf course used by politically connected military types) and so on and so forth, in a vindictive attempt to hurt the American People as much as they can to prove their power over us, and the news kind of reports on it, sort of…

No, peasant, you can't use your eyes to look at this mountain without our permission.  Go fuck yourself.  Love lots: Barack Obama

…and when they do, they spin it as if it is all the fault of conservatives, when in fact, it was edicts handed down from the top to make it hurt that caused these problems. 

Then, a State Governor’s office closes down three lanes of afour lane highway, creating gridlock, for (at least preliminarily) political reasons – their intent seems to be that they wanted to punish a political opponent – and it is all gasping and pearl-clutching as if this is simply beyond the pale.  Guess what party this state governor belongs to?

Other than the "Morbidly Obese" party

The fact is, while this is being spun as a partisan political issue, I don’t see it that way.  There is nothing partisan about the inappropriate use of power – people of all stripes, colors, and political persuasions will do it if they think that they can get away with it.  This is the basic rule of subordination – from one side, it suggests power over other people’s lives and destinies, and from the other side, it suggests a lack of power to do anything about it, and this rule will apply to both sides, all the time. 

You get people absolutely terrified of the government’s power to force them to make changes in their life, and yet are likewise terrified – often even more so – of living without it. 

So politicians wield their power for personal enrichment, and the hoi polloi accept it because they fear the alternative more. 

So to me, both of these cases are perfect examples of why we hoi polloi need to do everything we can to REDUCE the power others wield over us and our decisions, not increase it.  And yet, progressives everywhere will chime in about giving the government MORE power, and MORE oversight in order to prevent these types of things in the future, virtually guaranteeing that next time, it will be even worse.  

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