Monday, January 6, 2014

Media Double Standard

So, Phil Robertson, a man who is perceived as being a conservative evangelical Christian, mentions homosexuality and bestiality in the same statement (note that HE DID NOT compare the two or call them the same) and he gets temporarily canned and there is a huge public backlash. 

Morrisey, a man who is perceived as being a liberal atheist, on the other hand, compares eating meat to raping children, and there is a huge backlash, and he’s…

Oh, wait, you mean, nothing happened and nobody said anything? 

Huh.  I’ll be damned.  

One wonders if there is anyone left who actually believes that there is no double standard in our media, and the media’s perception of events.  If you espouse the “correct” sort of ideas, you can get away with anything, like Alec Baldwin dropping the “F-bomb” at people (no, not “fuck.”  “Faggot.”) and he gets a free pass and nothing sticks (oh, well, other than a bunch of folks saying things like “yeah, he really shouldn’t say those things, but we know Alec, and he’s cool, yo, serious.”).  If, on the other hand, you do not espouse the “correct” sort of ideas, even very non-controversial things like “these are things that are written in the Bible,” explicitly stated in a way to ensure that people know that you aren’t intending to be hateful or hurtful, become huge media circuses. 

Morrisey just said that morally, I, and 90% of Americans, are no different than a child rapist:  Crickets.

Phil Robertson DID NOT compare homosexuality to bestiality:  Outrage. Outrage, because he said those two words in the same sentence, and people who don’t understand how English works decided that he was equating them.    

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