Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Insanely Wealthy Congresswoman Rants About Wealth Inequality

One wonders if one could even consider these creatures to be self-aware at this point...

It boggles the mind.

It also proves a point.  This isn't about fairness, or inequality, or "leveling the playing field." If it were, how could this lady live with her own hypocrisy?  How could she possibly be worth $25 million dollars in a world where wealth inequality is truly the greatest evil facing our society and not hate herself?

She couldn't; and she doesn't have to, because this isn't about all that.

This is about power.  This is about a woman, who is already insanely wealthy by anyone's standards, wanting more.  She wants her hands to be on the controls.  She wants her fingers to be flipping the switches.  She wants the ultimate say in who gets to join her fraternity of the wealthy elite; to have the ultimate power to decide who "gets" to be rich, and who does not.  She feels like she has the unique ability to engineer society to her desires, and to her requirements, and wants that power so badly that she will stand before you, worth $25-fucking-million dollars and rant on about income inequality in America without even once considering how nut-squashing stupid that is; she'll do this without once missing a beat.

She doesn't give two flying fucks about the poor, except for to use them as the vehicle by which she gains more power.
Pictured: A useful tool to Congresswoman Fuckhead

Fuck her.  Anyone that votes for this would-be tyrant and monumental hypocrite is a drooling moron.

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