Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Best Friend

My 4 year old daughter is doing this super cute thing right now where she asks me "Daddy? Will you be my best friend?"

Like I said, it's super cute, but it hits on something that is a pet peeve of mine, which is:

You are not your child's friend. You are their parent. Stop trying to be their friend!

So I generally answer as such:

"I'm already your Daddy, sweetheart,  and that's so much better than even a best friend."

I know, I could just say yes, but I'm of the opinion that these things matter.

They matter enough that I hate it when someone refers to their significant other as "their best friend."

Mrs. Goober is not my friend. She's my wife. Making her my "friend" would not only be a significant downgrade in out relationship,  it would assume things between us that do not exist.

I have friends. I drink with them, hunt and fish with them, am crude around them, tell dirty jokes and lies...

Things you don't do with a wife that you respect.