Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Security Theater

I’ve been somewhat reticent to blog about this incident, because I don’t know if I broke any laws in doing this or not.  I think, at worst, I’m guilty of trespassing or something, but the fact is, posting about doing illegal things on the internet is kind of dumb, so I don’t want to be that guy.   

When I went to the black tie affair over New Years, I was surprised to see that they had a metal detector at the door and were checking for weapons. 

This was a problem for me.  I tried not to adjust or mess with the Smith & Wesson J-frame in the pocket holster in my front pocket as I walked through the metal detector, preparing to explain to them that I was a legally permitted CW permit holder in the State, and that they had not posted any warnings of the “no weapons” policy on their website or in the invitation that they sent me, and that it was therefore unfair to exclude me from the event based on my having been given incomplete information about the requirements for the events. 

Man, that J-frame suddenly felt really heavy.  It got even heavier when the guy ran the wand over me, but suddenly I realized that neither the wand, nor the walk-through detector had alerted to the presence of my .38.  He smiled, told me to have a good night, and sent me on my way. 

I was gobsmacked.  Mrs. Goober was giggling nervously all the way down the entry corridor and we were both laughing as we entered the ballroom. 

If this is truly the quality of the security theater that we have to offer, then why the hell bother?  I carried a fully loaded .38 into an event that had metal detectors and a “no weapons” policy and no one batted an eye. 

“No Gun Zone” indeed. 

Or, alternatively, “No Gun Zone” my ass!  

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