Friday, March 14, 2014

Where the hell is Goober?

Went bird hunting again this weekend.  Tired, and now I have a head cold.

For the better part of a couple of weeks, I’ve been working my butt off trying to make some things happen on a couple of larger projects that I’m trying to kick off and closeout, respectively. 

My muse hasn’t really been tickled recently.  Ukraine continues to go exactly as I thought it would – a mostly peaceful occupation by Russia with the folks there working on the courage to have a vote on whether to cut the pretense and become part of Russia or not.  Politics have gone on uninterrupted, with the people who are convinced that they are running the show demonstrating daily that they have no idea at all what is going on, and that things continue to happen in spite of them, not because of them. 

Borepatch is too busy playing with his new toy to post much this week, although he did post about the passing of Bill Guarnere, a soldier in the Airborne who was dropped in behind enemy lines on D-Day, Market Garden, and left to freeze and face down the entire German Army in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, where he lost his leg to a German 88 while trying to save his friend.  If you have ever watched “Band of Brothers” you’ll know who Bill is; he was featured prominently in the series.  God speed, Bill.  Thank you forever for what you did. 

Tam has been talking about stuff more local to her than Icare to post on – who gives a crap about crimes committed in Indiana, and old lady's that pray too loudly am I right?  This is Spokane! (seriously, follow the link, ti's kind of funny).  

My posting on Greenland Sharks and Loch Ness has been coming back to life with the re-playing of the Discovery Channel episode of “River Monsters” where Jeremy Wade goes looking for the Loch Ness Monster and seemingly concludes that the monster is, in fact, a Greenland Shark.  I posted at the time about the foolishness of that conclusion, and many folks have come by to chime in with their opinion, which is great.  I appreciate you all, as few as you may be.  The comments tend to focus around disagreeing with my assessment that a Greenland Shark could never live in fresh water, pointing out cases of the shark having been found in what appear to be riverine environments, mainly in and around the St. Lawrence River.  However, upon further study, it is generally discovered that the areas where the sharks were caught were well inside of the saltwater stretches of that waterway.  The St. Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers are both defined by having huge river fjords, that go some large fraction of the river’s length inland, and which are entirely salty, meaning that in places that appear on a map to be very far inland, you are actually still in a very deep, and very marine environment.  One thing of note is that it appears that I’ve gotten a couple of folks from as far away as Scotland to chime in on that thread, which is awesome.  Thanks, friends! 

They’ve arrested and are working on trying all the folks involved in the hit on my friend Doug.  It looks like they’re going for the death penalty for the actual hitman, which makes me think they’re dangling that over his head, trying to get him to “roll over” on the guy who hired him, who they’ve only gotten so far on firearms charges (he’s a felon, so having guns in verboten) and other various fraud and tax-related violations.  I hope they can actually hang Doug’s murder on the POS, because it looks to me like this is a guy that needs to just go away and never come back, for the benefit of everyone else. ***UPDATE - they just decided to retract the death penalty possibility, which makes me wonder if Hendrickson ought not to be getting a little nervous now...  

I’m being goaded into making a jet boat run on the Spokane River between Harvard road and Post Falls Dam.  This is a run that can only be made in the spring when water levels are high, which you can deduce means that it is a tough and treacherous run that is not for the light of heart.  I’ll see if I can get pictures.  

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