Friday, March 21, 2014

We Taught Them to Be This Way...

I posted this picture today, and didn’t mention my opinion on these pictures, which are very prevalent, and to a one, are basically a person complaining about how they’ve run themselves into financial wringer by taking on stupidly insane amounts of debt, and then telling everyone else that it is THEIR fault and that they should be bailed out.


While I think this is a pitiful, lamentable action for someone who wants to at least pretend that they are an adult, I can’t hardly blame them.  Most of them are young.  Most of them were told by their boomer and X-er parents that they could be anything they wanted to be, and that they should chase their dreams, and only do a job that they love…

…all while working jobs that were far from all of those things, themselves. 

These kids grew up steeped in a culture of no-consequence.  Trophies for everyone, and bailouts for banks, and it all came down from positions of authority.  We told them their entire lives that what they wished for, and what they dreamed, was plenty good enough - was all that mattered - and that reality wasn't important. 

Slowest kid on the track team?  Still get a letter and a participation trophy.  Probably something along the lines of “’most inspirational” or something like that. 

Got pregnant?  Abortion on demand, baby.

Want to be a professional video game player? An artist? Chase your dreams, baby, there’s a job out there for you.  Major in women’s studies?  Surely society owes you a job doing whatever makes you happy! 

"The first thing you should do when you move out of your parent's house is buy a house of your own, by any means and at whatever terms you can get, because the house value will go up and you'll MAKE MONEY!" 

These are all the things they were told, and none of those things were true, or consequence free.  Now, they are reaping the benefits of what their parents trained them to be, and it is miserable for them, and NOW we want to line up and lambaste them for being pathetic?  Every single one of my friends from high school save two, have had to turn in the keys on their houses in one way or the other.  They were lied to about housing.  

They’ve been told their entire lives that things were one way, when in fact everything was quite clearly the exact opposite, and we’re supposed to think they’re pathetic for pushing back against that? 

You lefty Boomers, you did your kids a huge disservice.  Your flower-child, summer of love bullshit ass-fucked an entire generation of American kids, and the worst of it is, you think that you are the people best equipped to fix it.  As I said below, you, and your socialism, is what fucked these kids, and I hope they aren't all stupid enough to think that you and your socialism is what is going to save them.  This young woman may be too far gone.  There are many like her.

This woman.  Single mother.  Hopelessly in debt.  Absolutely worthless degree.  Dead-end, low paying job as a result.  She is in a world of hurt, and it is because the baby-boomer feminists lied to her and told her that promiscuity, single motherhood, and a "woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" are all incontrovertible truths and "very good things."  It's because she was told that it didn't matter what degree she got, that just showing up was enough.  It's because she was told that she should be allowed to make a living doing whatever she wanted, instead of doing something that produced value for other people, for which they would pay her.

She bought into all of this, but she was raised, steeped in a culture that taught her that all of this was just fine and dandy, so why should we hold it against her when she does exactly what her upbringing taught her was the right thing?

But people who point all this out are mean and cruel.  

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