Friday, March 21, 2014

Screwed By Socialism, Yet Too Stupid To See It

And begging for more of the same, to boot...

$17,000 in CREDIT CARD DEBT?  And that's WHO'S problem?  

The problem with housing and education is that both of those things are the targets of leftist, command and control-types fawning over them as ways to create, develop, and improve their own brand of "equality." 

A place to live and an education? All you need now is a chicken in every pot, and you've got your utopia, amirite? 

The problem is that when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail, and so when these leftist command-and-control types see some people not owning their own home, or some people not going to college because it is too expensive, they decide to smack that nail with the only tool they've got - the hammer of centralized, command and control government.

So you get laws that say that banks will be treated well if they make stupid, risky loans, and guarantees of bailout if the loans go bad, and government subsidized education loans, and guarantees of bailouts if those loans go bad, and what do you end up with?


Situations where demand for these things goes through the roof, what with all the "free" money flowing about, and with the bubbles comes the insane cost increases.

Secondary education is becoming more costly at many times the rate of inflation SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE of the unintended consequences caused by these command-and-control types trying to force a solution on a problem that the market would not bear. All you folks being priced out of secondary education? Blame your leftist government, not the free market.
I always laugh whenever I hear someone point fingers at the free market for having caused the housing bubble and crash, and now the education bubble.

"It's all about GREED!" they say "Land of the FREE? HA! More like land of the FEE!"

And I laugh because it is the exact opposite of what they think is happening. They think "I got screwed by greedy free-marketeers because PROFIT is IMMORAL!" when what really happened is that they got screwed by socialism - the very socialism that they are probably "RAH-RAH Shishkoombahing" on a daily basis.

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