Friday, March 14, 2014

The Envious, Greedy Lifestyle Bred by Socialism

Don't fall into the trap of holding a wealthy person’s wealth against them.  They are a product of their environment just like the rest of us.  There's always going to be somebody richer than you.  You can bitch about the guy in Southbeach that can buy a new Rolls Royce for every week of the year, but he bitches about the guy who can afford a 150 foot yacht, and there is a guy in Alabama living in a shack without electricity right now who thinks you've got the easy life, yourself, and there's a kid starving to death in Ethiopia who thinks that guy in Alabama is living the damn good life.

You can spend your life hating and being envious of those that you see as being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, or you can work to make yourself a better person, and to hell with what  everyone else has or does.   

Life isn't fair.  I was born with a crippling autoimmune disease, and my brother wasn't.  That sucks.  I'm not fighting in the government to make it illegal for anyone to not have autoimmune diseases because it isn't fair to us that have them.  That would be ridiculous, in no small part because there is a guy out there with stage IV cancer and three weeks to live looking at me bitching about my autoimmune disease and saying "bitch, please!"  So why is it not seen as ridiculous when people lobby the government to punish people that are richer than they are?  Because it ridiculous.  As ridiculous as me lobbying to infect everyone with autoimmune disease so that I’m not at a disadvantage.

So don't fall into the envy trap.  It doesn't do you any good, and it's just silly as shit.  

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