Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ignorance Does Not Make for Good Law

So I’ve covered this before, but it is still sticking in my craw that all of these anti-gun types are so pig-goddamned-ignorant about guns, and yet think that they know enough to make smart laws about them.

People that call a folding stock a “shoulder thingy that goes up” and an AR-15 an “assault weapon” but give the more powerful Remington 7400 a pass because it doesn’t “look scary” should not be making laws that could have men going to prison, or God forbid, getting killed over them. 


It is absolutely infuriating that a person that has no idea what they’re talking about is writing the policy on firearms laws in America.  Someone is fixing to die in Connecticut.  You mark my words, blood will be spilled there, and people will die as a result of their fumbling attempt to…

…do whatever it was that they were attempting to do by creating this law.  Stop the next Sandy Hook, I guess?  By registering scary looking rifles so that…

…what, exactly?  How is a rifle being on a registry going to stop a mentally disturbed man from stealing one and killing people with it?

Also, for you antis out there that have no idea what you’re talking about, let’s play a game…

What is the difference between:

This rifle

And this rifle?

Answer – the top one is the more powerful and deadly of the two, but is exempt from the Connecticut registry because it doesn’t “look” scary. 

Let’s play again.  What is the difference between:

This Rifle

And this rifle?

Answer – the one on top is FAR more powerful than the one on the bottom (by factors of ten), but is exempt from the Connecticut registry because it doesn’t “look” scary.

One more time.  What is the difference between:

This rifle

And THIS rifle?

Answer:  the one on the bottom is perfectly legal in New York, while the one on the top is banned because it’s magazine holds more than 7 rounds.  Forget the fact that it is 150 year old technology and the same rifle your grandpa hunted deer with.  It’s illegal. The one on the bottom?  It doesn't have a "pistol" grip, which doesn't change the function of the rifle one iota, so it's perfectly fine.  Yes, it's an AR-15, and yes, it's legal, while the old lever-action cowboy gun above is not.  Make sense yet?  

Are you convinced that these laws are stupid yet?  Here's one last pic for you.,


  1. In point of fact, it is a barrel shroud that is the "shoulder thing that goes up".

    1. Is that right?

      I always thought she was referring to a folding stock when she said that. This just reinforces my point... how could a barrel shroud be referred to as "the shoulder thing that goes up" by anyone other than a person wholly ignorant about guns?

  2. Just for you folks out there that know what you're looking at, but are cofnused, the first rifle at the very top is not a ruger 10/22, it's a 10/44, which shoots 44 magnum rounds. Compared to the 9mm rounds of that civilian variant MP5, the 10/44 is way more powerful.

  3. From Youtube for the Shoulder Thing That Goes Up:

    "no, it's not."

  4. Gober is right, but it is hard to make that out from the design itself. It is Ruger 10/44 for sure. I used to have one but sold it to my friend. He has Class-A license but need to brush up his skills though.. :)

    Scott Edvin