Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wifey, Baby, and teh Die-a-beet-us‏

Wife is at T-minus one-and-a-half months and counting. So far, we have every indication that Evelyn Ann is a perfectly healthy baby, and that her mother is exceptional at being pregnant in every way…

…Except for one small exception to her exceptionalism (heh).

Wifey has gestational diabetes.

Which is really odd, because she doesn’t fit any of the risk factors. Family history? Nope. Overweight? Not even a little bit. Lack of excersize? She works out two to three times a week for an hour and a half and we go for walks and runs quite often (well, she runs – I am too beat up to want to run too much). African-American, Amerindian, or Asian? Nope.

Anyway, there is a chance that this may be a pre-existing condition that we only found out about because of the testing due to her pregnancy, because she doesn’t meet any of the GD risk factors, which has me nervous. If this is true, it isn’t really diabetes so much as a slight sugar intolerance, because her numbers would be normal to a bit on the high side of normal if she weren’t pregnant. I found out that the numbers allowed are smaller when pregnant.

I also found out that the risk to the mother is negligible – it is the baby that is at risk. They get too big, which I guess is a risk to mom, but they can take babies c-section these days with very little risk. The baby, however, runs the risk of descending into insulin shock at birth, as it is used to high glucose levels from mom, and overproduces insulin at birth. So, we are managing the problem with diet and excersize, and so far, we’ve been hitting really good numbers. The diet is real hard. Lots of meats and proteins (oh, damn) and cut back on carbs. So, like, meat, salad, and potatoes, only with a little less potatoes. I can do this!

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