Monday, January 10, 2011

Always Looking Out For You (When They Feel Like It)

If you have a pulse, I’m sure you’ve seen and/or heard of the video of the city worker running over some poor schmuck’s car with a front end loader and then beating feet. I’m also sure that you heard the city’s reaction, which was to tell the owner of the car to go #$%k himself, even after he presented proof.

Therein lies the rub. We have installed a ruling class of people in our society – unaccountable, irresponsible bureaucrats whom we’ve trusted to take control over various important functions of our everyday lives – and then act shocked when the unaccountable, irresponsible bureaucrat whom we’ve trusted these important things to acts, well, unaccountably and irresponsibly.

Folks, the people working at the government are no smarter than you or I. They are your beer-swilling, loud-mouthed neighbor who revs the engine on his boat at all hours of the night and is annoying at neighborhood block parties. Do not give the government any more control over your life than you would gladly cede to your neighbor, because government IS your neighbor – largely comprised of bureaucrats who couldn’t get/hold a job in the private industry, so they ended up in government. If you want them running your health care decisions for you, then go for it, but please, count me out.

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