Friday, January 21, 2011

Jumping to Conclusions - AGAIN

Oh don’t even start with me. I’m not defending the Aryan Nations. Not. Defending. Them. They are scum. The utmost evil scum dirtbags of the Earth. I’m posting this because:

1.) I live in Spokane and found it interesting that we made national news;
2.) Without any evidence, this was blamed on the Aryan Nations, who really haven’t even been a thing around here since about 2001.

Could there be other options? Hell yes. Any large gathering of people is at risk for Islamic terrorism anymore. It is possible that this was intended to harm a political candidate in the parade. It’s possible that, since we don’t know the nature of the device, it was nothing more than a stupid, idiotic prank (people are always going on about how “dangerous” bottle bombs are, but I’d posit that you could be hugging one when it went off and you’d experience nothing more than a little unpleasant ringing in your ears and some stinging). Could this be a bottle bomb? What kind of bomb is it? Were there Aryan demonstrations at the parade (there have been in years past, but like I said, not since 2001 or so). I’ll admit that the most likely source was Aryan nations. But they have CONCLUDED that in this article. This is not responsible journalism.

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