Monday, January 10, 2011

Obama Called Michael Vick

Funny, this. I saw an article in a local liberal rag about this very thing, entitled “Unforgiven” that basically bemoaned the fact that convicted felons had to carry their felony around with them for the rest of their lives. This “scarlet letter” as they called it, kept these people from ever getting “good” employment, and for that reason, they were always poor and downtrodden.

I was shocked at the obtuseness of the people writing this article, as much as I am shocked at Obama’s obtuseness in having said what he said about Michael Vick.

For every job that is open, there are likely multiple applicants vying for the position. What the article, and Obama, essentially said, that given two qualified applicants, one who is a felon, and one who is not, that it is unfair to choose the non-felon over the felon based solely upon the latter’s felon status.

Can you believe this?

To have a felony on your record means that you have a history of making horrible, unethical, and criminal decisions. Millions of Americans have done the right thing and not committed felonies, meaning that they do not have a written record of having made horrible, unethical, criminal decisions. Given the choice between someone who is on record as having (or at least having had at one time) no compunction against stealing from you, hurting your family or whatever else you can get a felony for, or a person who does not have such a record, why is it unfair to use that in your decision making process?

Why should we feel sorry for those who are reaping the consequences of their decisions past? We all do. In fact, many decisions past live with us our entire lives, not just felonies, so why this sudden outpouring of support for ex-criminals? It’s called the real world, folks. You make a bad decision and get AIDS, no amount of whining from the liberal establishment is going to fix that. You make a bad decision and get some girl pregnant, you reap the consequences. One tiny, insignificant bad decision like hitting the brakes at the wrong time can end your life on our nation’s highways. Why is being a felon any different?

And no, President Obama, we don’t all deserve a second chance. We all deserve to be judged according to our reputation and past decisions, and those of us that don’t need a fucking second chance in the first place should be considered before those begging for a second chance after they screwed up their first.

Adults reap the consequences for their actions, and accept them without whining about it. That is why adults carefully consider their decisions before acting, instead of allowing impulse and rashness to rule their entire lives. A lack of self-control can easily get you killed, for chrissakes, so don’t come whining to me when all that your bad decisions have done is deny you the ability to get a good job for the rest of your life.

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