Monday, January 24, 2011


If you haven’t read the flop about TJIC, a fellow blogger (and the guy who inspired me, indirectly, to start a blog that deals with personal and food-related topics as well as politics and goings-on) who has found himself in a bit of hot water over some pretty crass statements that he made on his blog, then I suggest you link over to Borepatch, who has a done a better job than I of summing up the issue. Also, of note, is Mark Alger’s nice post over at Eternity Road and BabyTrollBlog . Go. Read. I’ll wait.

Done? Okay…

First things first:

1.) I disagreed with TJIC in his comments section over making the comment that he made. It was rude, crass, and if I were Gabrielle Giffords’ husband, I think I’d be looking to punchisize* his face.

2.) I do not think that TJIC broke any laws with the statement. But beyond that, this was a tasteless joke, as TJIC made very clear in a subsequent posting where he stated that he did not support the shooting of congresspeople in 2011, and that it was intended to be a “What do you call 100 lawyers congresspeople at the bottom of the ocean? A good start!” type off-color, tasteless joke. TJIC even made a good argument for his crassness on his blog (which has been taken down so I can’t link) that was basically “They spend their lives dictating my life, infringing on my freedom, and pretending that they are my superiors, which I think is pretty crass, so you’ll forgive me if I, also, am a bit crass.” I can’t disagree with that statement, although I’m not sure I could be that crass when the lives of real people have been so horribly shattered as in Tucson.

3.) The police department told TJIC that if he surrendered his guns, they would not revoke his LTC. He did, and they suspended it, anyway. So, I believe that this was a case of illegal confiscation through deceit, even though TJIC willingly surrendered his guns.

4.) This is proof of what I’ve been saying all along – registration inevitably leads to confiscation. I’ve never heard any hoplophobe** explain to me what the purpose of registering guns is if it isn’t the eventual confiscation of said guns. There is no purpose to registration other than to let the authorities know where the guns are, so they know which doors to knock on the instant they get their first totalitarian impulse.

*Punchisize - I like to make up words - sue me.

**Hoplophobe - I didn't make this word up. I promise. Look it up. I like the word hoplophobe. It works much better than “anti-gunner” or “person who is against 2nd Amendment rights”, or any other convoluted method of naming them. The word means “one who fears weapons” and is broken down as such. “Hoplo” is from Greek origins. It has come to mean “weapon” but started from the root word “hoplon” which was the term used to describe the shield used by Greek heavy infantry starting in about the 6th century, BC. A Greek soldier was then known as a “Hoplite”. “Phobe” is of obvious origins. I hope I don’t need to explain that to you.

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