Friday, January 21, 2011

No Words Can Express the Evil

So I tried to read through the excerpts of the Grand Jury report for Dr. Kermit as posted on other websites, and I couldn’t do it for long. I am currently sitting at my computer with a sick feeling in my stomach like I’ve hardly ever felt. There is a picture, you see, of one of the inarticulate, non-sentient masses of pregnancy tissue that this doctor delivered alive, and then stabbed in the back of the neck with scissors. It appears to be somewhere in the neighborhood of a six-pound infant, and is almost without a doubt very near full-term. This baby was delivered fully, and then killed by a doctor, who then joked about it being “big enough to walk him down to the bus stop.”

Here is the picture of this inarticulate, non-sentient mass of pregnancy tissue for your review and opinion. (WARNING - THIS PICTURE WILL GIVE YOU NIGHTMARES. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CAST-IRON STOMACH, DON'T CLICK!)

Since I am not really sure whether I am a Christian or not, I think I get a pass when I choose to not forgive this piece of shit for what he has done, and suggest that if this truly is a just world, there is a hell, and this son of a bitch is going to burn there for a damned long time. I know, I know… civility… firey rhetoric… but then I consider that I actually would be glad if someone shanked this piece of shit, and I don’t really care to tone it down in the name of civility.
So, here you go, leftists, here is one example of right-wing nutjob hate speech. All it took was infanticide to get me there, too.

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