Friday, January 21, 2011

Jesse James

Normally, I wouldn’t waste ink on an idiot like James. That being said, every so often one of the Hollywood idiots does something so outrageous that I have to opine. In James’ case, he has now proposed to one of the two tattooed up sluts that he was banging while he was still married to Sandra Bullock, only 7 months after the divorce was finalized. Here is what I can’t understand…


Three marriages down, and with all three of them screwed up because he chose to not be faithful, why would he chose to marry again? Hasn’t he proven to himself that he doesn’t want to be married? That he is happier being able to screw anything that walks? That he isn’t all about commitment? What in the hell does he think he is going to accomplish this time?

30 months, tops. He bangs another chick, and this current chick divorces him

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