Friday, January 21, 2011

Hard at Work - For... THE NARRATIVE!

…forwarding the narrative. Notice how this horrible thing with Dr. Kermit is on every front page of every newspaper in America? No?

How is that possible?

Well, let’s review…

1.) The government failed miserably at oversight. This does not forward the leftist narrative that government is better at everything and should, therefore, be in control of everything. Better sweep that one under the rug.

2.) A black abortionist is taking advantage of minority women and making a mint off of it – especially considering that he is performing illegal, late-term abortions where he stabs viable, born human infants in the neck with scissors and then tosses them down the garbage disposal. This does not forward the leftist narrative that only white guys can take advantage of minorities. In fact, I’d bet you even odds that if Dr. Kermit was white, this would be headline news, only spun in such a manner to show an evil white man hurting poor minority women.

3.) Women died there getting abortions. This does not forward the leftist notion that a legal abortion is a safe abortion. Better sweep it under the rug, too.

In all actuality, this is a feather in the old libertarian cap, this one. When the topic is discussed of “what would happen if the government wasn’t regulating these things?” with “these things” being doctors, mechanics, food quality, and so forth. Here is a perfect example of what happens when the government DOES regulate these things - so you tell me…
Do we really need them? Isn’t the fact that it has been proven that pennsylvania’s regulatory body when it comes to medical clinics is totally incompetent, and yet, clinics throughout pennsylvania seem to be doing fine, and only this one seems to have gone south…
well, isn’t that proof that government regulation is pretty much a waste of time, effort, and money? Isn’t this proof that rational men will do a good job without the nanny peeringover their shoulder, and that the nanny is incapable of finding the irrational, anyway?
Ooops, that is contrary to the Leftist narrative, too… better shut up now, because SHUT UP, that’s why!

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  1. Who was funding the good doctor's "clinic"? Follow the money.