Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leftism is a Supremacist Movement

I’ve been saying for a long time that the left is not about collectivization, or socialism, or creating that great, utopian society that they tout, so much as they are about the power that such an arrangement would grant them.

Proof of this comes with the fact that if collectivism, socialism and so forth is so great, what is stopping them from going for it?  They could create private organizations, through mutually agreed-upon rules and bylaws, that would allow them to live in collectivist bliss, without demanding that from the government and forcing the rest of us to come along against our will.  No one would stop them.  They could start tomorrow, and in today’s connected world, they wouldn’t even have to move – living in proximity to one another would not be necessary.

The fact that they don’t do this is proof to me that forcing the rest of us into their way of life is a feature, not a bug.  They don’t want collectivism.  They want power.  They want the satisfaction of being able to force everyone else to do things their way; in the way that they see as superior, because they are so convinced in their own intellectual superiority (and by extension, the inferiority of everyone else) that they think that they are uniquely positioned to save people from themselves.

They desire the power make choices for people who would otherwise make the “wrong” choice, in their worldview.  Leftism is not about brotherhood, equality, or egalitarianism.  It is about power, and wielding that power to force everyone on Earth to live the way that leftists want them to live.

It is a supremacist movement.  

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