Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Borepatch on Secession

Borepatch put up an interesting post about the seething nature of our current political situation.  He wonders if secession may happen again in the United States, and whether it may be in his lifetime.  Go.  Read.  His points are more nuanced than I can possibly summarize.  

My response is thus:

It looks like this all may very well happen within your lifetime, Borepatch.  It’s scary and disheartening, and I think it all boils down to the fact that leftism is asupremacist movement.  They think that they are the smartest people in the room, and use their own perceived intellectual superiority to dismiss all dissenting opinion.  After all, if they are the smartest, why would they deign to listen to the opinions of the dullards that surround them?  Why would they give those opinions any merit at all?

"Typical American citizen outside of the cultural hubs,"
According to leftist jackwads
The problem is that these folks aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are, and the worst cognitive block that they display is their failure to realize that people don’t like to be ignored, dismissed, marginalized, and have their rights and concerns trampled over by people claiming to be their betters – the intellectual elite. 

"Out of bread, eh?  Then let the dullards eat cake!"
The dislike it enough that it makes them angry.  When their angry voices are ignored, and dismissed as the voice of ignorance, or, more recently, that of “domesticterrorism” they are going to get violent. 

It is as inevitable as the setting of the sun, and yet these supposedly “intellectually superior” leftists can’t see it coming.  They just disregard and ignore; lampoon and mock; and then act all surprised when even clear cut cases like the Bundy affair blow up in their faces.  Ten years ago, even, the Bundy affair wouldn’t have even been a thing:  the government would have filed a lien against Bundy’s property for the back payments, and fined him for every day his cattle continued to trespass, adding economic sanctions up to and including seizure of bank accounts and garnishing wages to make their point.  All non-violent, and all a perfect solution to the problem.  Nobody would have said a thing.  But add in a decade of marginalization, dismissal, and mocking by the leftist elites, and the people of Nevada are righteously pissed off.  Top it off with an armed SWAT raid with armored vehicles, further displaying the leftist arrogance and contempt for the poor, stupid people, and the people of Nevada considered getting violent. 

Ten years ago, this would have gone totally differently, but not today.  Today, the BLM, run by intellectually “elite” leftists, mocks and lampoons its dissenters, and responds violently and threateningly to any dissent, because their view is that the dissent is just the ignorant ramblings of stupid people in flyover country who can’t think at the same level as they can.  They don’t take a second to consider WHY these people are standing up to them.  They refuse to ponder whether these people have valid grievances or not, because THEY DON’T CARE.  They just know that this moronic sedition, perpetrated by mouth-breathing flyovers, must be squashed at all cost. 

"A traitor is everyone who does not agree with me" King George III

I don’t see the attitude of this supremacist movement changing any time soon, either.  The reason is because of the true nature of the end goal of leftism, which is not communalist, or socialist utopia, but rather power over the people.  They could form their socialist utopia any time they want, with mutual agreements between consenting people and a relatively simple network policing that, but they don’t do that.  Instead, they insist on dragging us all in along with them, against our will, by force.  They insist, not on communalist or socialist lifestyles for themselves, but for everybody, and they do so not for the sake of socialism, but because socialism allows them to have power.  

Just look at this cocky fuck.  You think he gives a shit about whether you have health insurance?
Power to dictate to people what they may or may not do.  Power is the goal.  Equality?  Egalitarianism?  Fairness?  All means to an end.  They don’t give two hot shits about any of those things, except for the fact that they can provide for them the power that they crave.  


  1. Followed over here from Borepatch. I've got to say you've got it nailed as a supremacist movement, and the dynamics going on. We are a nation run by philosopher kings who despise us precisely because they see themselves as so superior to us rubes.

    Like other comments, I think the country collapses before secession plays out. The economic collapse is being accelerated by the ruling class. Whether out of malice or stupidity, I can't say, but as many have said before: if they were trying to destroy the country, would they be doing anything different? I don't see it.

  2. Tomorrow morning's post is a riff on the theme of power and compulsion.

  3. A twist on what Graybeard thinks- I think the secession will get underway about halfway through the collapse. Areas that are leftist strongholds need vast amounts of support, both political/social support from similar areas and useful allies and material support from flyover country. In a pinch (I mean a SERIOUS pinch) the rural areas have resources to survive at a fairly high level, while the urban areas do not. When the stumble turns into a fall, and the urban areas start to extort the rural areas beyond their limit, we'll find a point in time that their social controls become too weak to be a viable threat to the rural states- secession will be a likely result.