Monday, April 14, 2014

Headline: Crazy Person is Crazy. More at eleven…

This 73 year old racist piece of shit could be used as a star example of why I’m wrong about wanting to abolish the death penalty, and to be honest, it’s guys like him that make me rethink my position.

How satisfying would it be to put this son of a bitch against the wall?  Oh, ever so satisfying to me, and I didn’t even know the people he killed. 

Looks like in attempting to kill him some Juden Untermenschen he ended up killing a couple of Methodists, so, yeah…

…he’s  failure at even being a good violent bigot, which really is not a hard thing to be, when you consider the prerequisites. 

My heart is broken for the families and loved ones of the people that he killed.  I wish that there was something that I could do to assuage their sorrow and loss in this senseless time after such a senseless act.  But there is not, and crazy people are going to continue to be crazy, apparently, with no decent explanation as to why. 

For my part, I will continue to be vigilant for such craziness and do what I can to stop it if I ever encounter it.  We should all do the same.  In the face of hateful crazy, we don’t win this war by hiding in a safe room.  We win by going out and vanquishing the evil presence.  We do this in the memory of the father and son who were killed, and the others who were killed and wounded.  We do this because civilized men do not allow the forces of barbarism to run rampant in their towns.  History has proven that there is no more fearful force than that of civilized men who have had enough.

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