Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chevelle - Sleep Apnea

I am now scheduled for a sleep study.  Doc thinks that my heart problems are being caused by sleep apnea.  I don't really understand the mechanism behind not getting good sleep leading to an enlarged heart leading to arrhythmia, but that's why I'm not a doctor, I guess.

In any case, the discussion of sleep apnea got me to thinking about an awesome song by the band Chevelle, which is aptly named "Sleep Apnea."

I know, right?

I gasp and hold my breathThese needs had changed so deepTo face you all I sayI've been awake for... Ever... Ever... Ever... Ever...


  1. I don't get it either, but its real. An ex of mine's Dad had issues like that. He'd be feeling great in the evening, then knockin on heaven 's door the next morn. He had a lot of other things going on, too, or course; from rhumatic fever as a small boy through years of smoking and hard living, a couple of heart attacks and a replaced valve. Its not a paralell situation, obviously, but it is a factor, odd as it sounds. Good luck!

  2. How did the consultation go? What did the doctor say? Good thing that you’re having that heart problem looked into because there is a possibility that that might mitigate due to your sleep apnea. Nice song, by the way. :D

    Wallace Tucker @ Robert Kelleher DDS