Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Remember yesterday when I asked you about how if you wanted that dark sense of foreboding that everything is about to go pear-shaped and it is going to hurt like hell when it does? 

Remember how I said that the best way to do so was to be sliding helplessly under an also-sliding pickup truck? 

Yeah, I found another way to get that feeling.  Start a retail store, and then let some idiot in your book department label the Christian Holy Bible as “fiction” and thenstock it in the “fiction” section.  That’ll about do it. 

A pastor found this at a Costco store.  He took a picture, then tweeted the picture to his followers.


As is common with these things, the picture was then re-tweeted and re-tweeted again, until it became a bit viral, in the same way that a woman can be a “bit pregnant” or a person a “bit dead”. 

Of course, you get two sides to the debate, as always.  One on hand, you’ve got the religious folks with their panties in a wad, unable to take any criticism or joke or honest mistake without making it seem like an attack on their faith:
@schneid52 @calebwilds calling historical documentation of the Love between God and Man "FICTION" is NOT NOTHIN ! IT'S INSUTING & PREJUDICE
Why is it that whenever I see that someone has posted something – anything, really – in all caps that I dismiss said person as being a dim-witted twatwaffle without even reading what they posted?

very disappointed in costco stores. a bible should NEVER be in the fiction section. my faith is not "fictional" thank you. #smh
@calebwilds DOES Costco sell The Koran under the genre of "FICTION" I WONDER ???
Not as bad, but representative of the overall “they are out to destroy the sanctity of the largest, most powerful religion on Earth that also has a persecution complex for some fucking reason!” vibe of the whole thing

And, on the other hand, you’ve got the self-avowed atheists thumping their chests about how much smarter they are than everyone else and how the Holy Bible IS like, totally fiction, you guys! 

@Southerngal1963 @schneid52 @calebwilds so fucking sick of religious fucks taking offence to every fucking thing, get over yourself grow up
Ignorant twatwaffles exist on both sides of the debate

I thought it very refreshing that the pastor, himself, who originally tweeted the picture, has called for restraint and moderation in the response to this.  I don’t imagine he ever thought this would get so out of hand, and based on some of his Twitter pics, he probably thought it was kind of funny and only originally tweeted this to let his congregation in on the joke.

No message.  No moral.  Just a funny story about a funny incident that I’m thinking Costco is really wishing hadn’t happened at this point. 

Edited to add: Costco, it seems, is looking more and more the victim here, since it appears as though a 3rd party vendor labeled the books, thus making their only crime that of poor vigilance.  They didn’t catch this before the pastor did.    


  1. In my experience, it's the atheists who are offended at every little thing. Just check all the lawsuits to remove anything religious from their view.

    I am blessed (pun) in that my religious friends are philosophical and would laugh at the misplaced Bible.

    1. My opinion is, and always has been that people at horribly on both sides.

      Neither side is willing to admit or accept that there are intelligent people on both sides, who instead of being evil incarnate just simply disagree with them.

      I agree that it was very heartening to see that the pastor had a good sense of humor about this, as he, and everyone else really should have.

  2. I'm afraid that I don't have a lot of sympathy for Costco. Their store, their Epic Marketing Fail.

    1. I agree. They really should have caught this. But at the same time:

      Totally understandable mistake, given that it wasn't even them that put the label on there.

      I don't see this as an attack on my faith, or any faith, really.

      It's kind of funny.

      I long ago decided the god must have a sense of humor because if he doesn't we're all screwed, anyway. I would like to think that he is chuckling about this

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