Friday, December 13, 2013

The Big Lie - Finding a Scapegoat

I had a little back-and-forth with Borepatch the other day over at his place about Obamacare and how he feels like it has tanked the democrat party for the foreseeable future.

You see, Borepatch thinks that they won’t be able to blame the republicans, since the republicans were so vocal in opposition to this, and it was passed by democratic vote with zero republican support.  Therefore, his argument is that they have no choice but to own it. 

I disagreed, writing that simply because they can’t blame the republicans does not mean that there isn’t a ready scapegoat for them to blame for all of this:

 There is a train of thought that goes along the path of this;
None of this was unintentional. None of it was a mistake. They WANT people’s insurance to be canceled or to become prohibitively expensive so that they lose it. They want this because there is a law that says emergency rooms have to treat people regardless of their ability to pay. They want to create a situation that there are so many people going to the emergency room without insurance that the hospitals are going under and cry out to government for help. 
And then the government steps in to help. 
What does a government do when it wants to punish or help an industry? 
The same thing it always does: it nationalizes it, in part or in its entirety. 
Now, I live by a simple rule that tells me that I should never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity, so I DON’T SUBSCRIBE TO THE TINFOIL HAT THEORY THAT I POSTED ABOVE. 
However, I can absolutely foresee things going that way, even if it wasn’t planned to be that way. I can see the democrats thinking this thing out, looking at their options when they’re faced with this total, abject failure of a program, and see this as the light at the end of the tunnel. At some point in time, you mark my words, we’ll see a shift in the Democrat’s stance on this thing that will have them stop worrying about the damage and start trying to create more damage and to displace the blame for it, for one reason and one reason only:
Their only option to pull themselves out of this thing without a total bloodbath at the polls is to sweep in, at the last minute, and save us all from this horrible melt down of our healthcare system by nationalizing the entire goddamned thing. Single payer will be the only fix for this absolute mess that they’ve gotten us into. 
I don’t do tinfoil hats. I don’t for a second think that this was intentional, or planned in any way by the dems. There was no grand conspiracy; they had every intention when they passed Obamacare that it would work and function as planned. But looking at it now; reviewing where they stand and what their options are, this, to me, is really the only way they save themselves. Once the hope and anticipation that they have for things straightening themselves out with Obamacare goes away, they will get desperate, and this will be their only option. 
Think it through, if you would, and tell me what I’m missing here. 
I think that unless we can obtain a non-democrat majority in Congress (I don’t care if it is the Whigs, just as long as they aren’t Dems) this November, we’ll be staring down both barrels of a single payer, national healthcare system before new years day, 2015, or at least before the 4th of July that year, and it will all come in a package with the label “extraordinary measures to save us from extraordinary times” just like the bank bailouts and TARP. Too big to fail, baby. 

It is beginning to look like I was prophetic in my prognostication that the Obama regime would start to angle themselves to blame the insurance companies and hospitals and clinics when Obamacare goes off therails.  The link is to Ace’s place. 

So you’ve had four years to set up a program and work out the bugs, and you fail miserably, leading to a situation where literally millions of Americans’ insurance coverage is going to be questionable starting January 1st.

Did the policy get enacted? 

Did the check that I sent two days ago (because I couldn’t send it any sooner because of the cluster-fuck of Obamacare) clear by January 1st so that I have coverage? 

How do I know, since I don’t have any paperwork yet? 

The Obama regime recognizes that this is a huge problem.  They know that as of January 1st, millions of Americans are going to lose their coverage, and because of their bumbling incompetence, have no way to get new coverage by that deadline. 

So what is the Obama Regime’s response to this? 

They are “strongly encouraging” insurance companies to cover people who haven’t paid their premiums yet, and encouraging hospitals to provide care to every person as if that person is actually covered by health insurance. 

So what does this mean?  There is no force of law behind this.  They have no way to enforce this, and realistically, no company in their right mind would insure a person who hadn’t yet paid them for insurance.  This is like the federal government telling McDonalds to give everyone a hamburger even though they haven’t paid for it, with the pinky-promise that every single person in America is like, totally good for it later. 

Even I think this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,
and I’m all about getting hamburgers on credit!

So, realistically, the insurance companies aren’t going to do this.  As of January 1st, lots and lots of people are going to be uninsured and looking to get some healthcare.  These folks aren’t going to stop getting in car accidents or falling ill simply because the government strongly encourages them not to, so what will be the result? 

Millions and millions of dollars in cost to the industry, if the industry follows this polite suggestion.  And so they won’t.  And so, when the bill collector comes calling, and people are looking at Obama like “dude, WTF?” he’ll now have a scapegoat:

Those uncaring, unfeeling, profit motivated corporations who wouldn’t work for you for free because he totally asked them nicely, guys, and why wouldn’t they just do what I said they should do? 

End of story, Obama is already angling to blame the healthcare industry for the failure of Obamacare.  He’s going to continue demonizing them until he’s either beaten that horse to death, or until the American public have bought into the lie so fully that they support nationalization and single payer. 

As I said before, I do not think that this was Obama’s original intent, but it will be his only option coming up here very shortly, because this is all going to get a whole lot worse once the group policies that you and I enjoy fall under the shadow of this colossal cluster fuck.  


  1. Yeah, I can see it going that way, but I'm about finished crediting stupidity for some of this. Don't get me wrong, I thnk there's plenty of stupid to go around, but we all know there are predators in the world, and some of them wear suits. Do I think ths is some New World Order, Bilderberg bs? No, not really. It is, however, a plenty old spy-game play. Cause a problem, blame someone else, be the solution. Its going to take a lot to keep them from shifting this focus to someone else, and its going to be a concerted, carefully orchestrated effort from them to shift the blame and take the credit. To me, its not that farfetched to think there is, at some level, a guiding hand on the scale.

  2. Wolfman - I'd almost rather that there was a guiding hand. better chances that way of finding the right guy to hang from the lamppost when the torches and pitchforks come out.

    As it is, it seems to me like mobs with torches and pitchforks rarely get the right guy...

    As for conspiracy vs. mistake - I don't really think it matters, and I certainly didn't mean to denigrate the more conspiracy minded folks. The conclusion they're coming to is absolutely logical. its just that I have that little malice vs. stupidity rule that makes me less conspiracy minded than some.

  3. Goober, I can't say that I disagree with your thoughts here. I don't know that it will happen but I suspect it is more likely to be this option than the one you and I both commented on back on Borepatch. I think a lot of it will come from the media, because they will -never- admit that their prophet was wrong and they were wrong and mislead America as a result.
    I don't even by the narrative that the White House selects or blackballs members of the media from press releases. So what if they get soft ball questions, if this was perhaps any other administration there would have been real investigative reporting by all the networks.
    The bigger problem is what I mentioned, that people with either just tighten their belts and go along to get along and not care what is happening or they will flat out buy the narrative that is spewed that you mention. I think much of America will gladly be lied to when they are pissed on, Sure go ahead and piss on me and tell me it's just rain. Just don't interrupt my entertainment or my comfortable lifestyle.

  4. This is a good discussion. Time will tell how this plays out.

  5. I guess its a matter of Occam's Razor. At some point, I find myself questioning how people can be, on one hand, politically adept enough to thrive at this level, and on the other make mistakes of this magnitude without some ulterior motive. I think it may not be malice strictly for the sake of being evil, but at least some level there is an organized effort to 'fundamentally transform' our nation, and I find that goal to be malicious.