Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gun Registration and the Futility of Confiscation

I read a post by Tam earlier today.  It is about how nearly every gun registry developed to date in America has so far lead to confiscation later on, thus proving the point of the gun owners that say that registration leads to confiscation, and nullifying the counter-argument that the gun owners are just being paranoid nuts.  

But more telling, at least to me, in the conversation was the epic failure of the registries to get even a paltry percentage of the guns in the state on the registry.

This proves a point I've been making all along, to anyone that is afraid the government is going to go door to door confiscating:

Such a thing would not be possible, or plausible. California got less than a quarter of their assault weapons on their registry list; they don't know where the other 75% of them even are. That's California, for crap's sake. 

And the 25% that you DO know where they are? 

Hell, if even one half of one percent of those folks decide that they're going to give their guns up one bullet at a time, you'd have a bloodbath the likes of which this country hadn't seen since the 1860s. And in spite of all of it, you'd still have 75% of the guns still out there. 

It is an impossibility. As is any attempt to "control" guns in this country.

The sooner we can wrap our minds around the fact that bad guys are going to have guns and use them, and that we're better off preparing for THAT rather than trying to take the guns away, the sooner these school shootings and so forth will end. Think Arapahoe - good guy showed up in 80 seconds with a gun of his own. Bad guy lost. He didn't get the news coverage that the Newtown gooner did, and therefore, will likely not be the inspiration for the next gooner who wants to make himself famous by killing kids.  Arapahoe is the proof that the only defense against armed bad guys is an armed good guy.  If this becomes more common, my postulate is that these school shootings will become a thing of the past, because there won't be anything in it for the gooners besides a quick death and an anonymous grave.    

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