Tuesday, December 3, 2013

In Which I Use the Word "Douche" as Many Times As is Necessary....

Not a short order when you're talking about Elan Gale.  

Elan Gale is a douche, with a long history of being adouche, in order to gain notoriety (via followers on Twitter).  Being a douche to other people, no matter how douchey they are in return (or were to you, first) is still douchey. Douchebaggery is not a zero-sum game; you don’t get free douche credits because someone else is likewise being a douche.     

He recently live-tweeted an incident in which he deliberately instigated a woman on an airliner who was upset about holiday delays.  I am not trying to excuse the actions of the woman that was being rude to the wait staff on that airliner.  She is in a different category, and who knows what was wrong with her?  She was having a bad day.  Her dog got hit by a car.  Maybe she had stage IV lung cancer.  Who knows?  She was being a douche, no matter what her situation, but her douchiness doesn’t offset Elan’s response.  He is a douche.

The long and short of it is that he was a bully, deliberately instigating a woman who was already upset and angry, with the sole intent and purpose of his own amusement and as fodder for his Twitter followers (who may or may not all be douches, themselves). 

I’m not saying that a person is required not to defend themselves when faced with douchiness.  I’m simply saying that there is a definite line between defending and diffusing a situation, and purposely inflaming it for your own enjoyment.  Additionally, to tell a complete stranger, in writing, to “eat your dick” is just classless and beyond defense.  Elan, you are not a white hat, here, pal.  Not in the slightest.  

Found via Popehat...  You do read Popehat, right?  

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