Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is Not a Bug, It's a Feature...

1.       Euphoric rush of excitement from the installation “new” ideals;
2.       Punishment of those who stood against the revolution (it usually doesn’t take long to get around to murder with leftists);
3.       Slow decent into failure, as the centrally planned economy begins to falter;
4.       Reduction in freedoms to the point that people can’t do anything about the failures without risking imprisonment and persecution;
5.       Massive, violent, retributive punishment of people who speak out against the failures;
6.       Nationalization of industry after industry so that the vampire state can bleed them dry of their capital and maintain its existence for another couple of years;
7.       Massive failure of every nationalized industry;
8.       Massive failure of the economy and supply chains.  Simple things like toilet paper are nearly impossible to find.  People begin to hoard goods out of fear of not knowing when they will be able to get them next, resulting in more supply issues;
9.       Government passes laws against hoarding, to no avail;
10.   Government begins to respond violently and retributively to almost anything at all.
11.   Authoritarianism, pennilessness, and want drives people away in droves;
12.   Authoritarian government forces people to stay against their will;
13.   Many die.  Darkness sets in.  Suffering occurs, and it does not right itself for years;
14.   People continue to risk their very lives attempting to escape, despite “shoot on site” orders and, in the case of Cuba, 90 miles of rough, tumultuous seas with no decent vessel to navigate it with.  The government kills those that it finds attempting to escape.  The sea and the wilderness kill many more.  The remainder end up being refugees in a forgein land, with predicatble negative results;
15.   Mass imprisonment and murder of citizenry;

Every time.  There is not one example in all of human history where it hasn’t devolved along this exact chain of events.  Every time that it is attempted, socialism and communism fail.  Back when he was still blogging, TJIC wrote something along the lines of “if every single time you try to make communism work, it turns into repression, gulags, murder, and imprisonment, then THAT what communism is, not the wonderful sounding theory that leftists tout.”  (This is highly paraphrased, since I can’t get on his blog anymore, I came up with that from memory).    

Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela is somewhere around step 11 right now.   God help them all.  I pray to whatever god will listen that it does not proceed past this point.  But…   …sigh…  …it will.  It always does; and my heart is breaking for the good people of Venezuela, who didn’t deserve what they are about to be served. 

Danny Glover, Sean Penn, and Oliver Stone?  You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.  Thousands will die.  Thousands already have died.  All with your support and thunderous applause, you useful idiots.  These aren’t theoretical, nameless people.  These are mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters and friends, dying in the street because their government fears them so much that they will kill them before they’ll let their voices be heard. 

I’ll also note that the MSM is avoiding the story of Venezuela’s melt-down like the plague. 

Some are acting surprised, but only those who are wholly ignorant of how these things have gone down in the past.  You wonder why I’m against expansion of government?  You wonder why I don’t think that centralized planning of things like health care and income inequality will work?  It isn’t my opinion – it is supportable, provable fact that these things will fail spectacularly.  Every.  Single.  Time.

The “Smartest Man in the Room,” your good President Obama, wants centralization and expansion of government.  He wants socialism.  How smart could he possibly be to want these things, when they’ve resulted in catastrophe every time they’ve been tried? 

At this point in time, can we stop with the “it will work if the right people are in charge” meme and just accept the fact that socialism and communism are inextricably linked with misery, suffering, and murder?  

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