Monday, February 17, 2014

Hey Pig...

To those in power, we’re all just livestock.  Critters, to be conditioned by the ringing of Pavlov’s bell, as it were.

The thing is, they’ve realized that livestock won’t stay in a pen if you starve it to death – it will break out to find food.  In order to keep your livestock docile and compliant, you have to give it the things it needs.  You have to make it believe, right up until slaughter time, that it is better off staying inside the pen. 

So they hand out as much free shit as they can muster:  EBT cards; free condoms, and if that fails, someone else to pay for your abortion; free healthcare; free this, and free that, and NONE of it is free, even in the most liberal definition of the word.  

In return, we are denied our most basic rights.  PrivacySecurity.  Self-defense.  Self-determination. They work to their own goals, and their own ends, pushing for the destruction of family via indoctrination, since taking on that responsibility and forming strong familybonds outside of the state  is a contra-indicator of compliance and docility, which makes them nervous.  Even the most domesticated cow will attack her keeper if he tries to harm her child. 

So we work away, under immense debt loads to buy the things that they tell us we absolutely, positively NEED.  We sell ourselves into slavery for a jet ski or nice, new granite countertops, and we work our lives away to pay them off, all so that the local sheriff can give you a ticket for riding the jet ski in a manner other than that not proscribed by the state.  We do it for a pittance compared to the salaries and benefits they pay themselves, working and slaving for almost half of our lives to pay the tax burden they shackle us with before we’ve even had a say in whether we willingly choose to take on that burden.  We work for almost half our lives before weget into the “black” and are “allowed” by our keepers to keep something forourselves, right up until the day we become no longer useful.  This, I fear, is when the true function and purpose of Obamacare death panels will be discovered. 

They feed us a constant diet of fear, fear, and more fear.  When there isn’t a foreign enemy to fear, then they give us bird and swine flu sensationalism.  Their efforts to provide the appearance of safety has all been directing us towards compliance, and intended to make us accustomed to being treated like animals.  TSA agents don’t look for terrorists, they giggle at nude pictures ofyou inside their soundproof booth despite the fact that the nudie scanners have been proven to be useless.  They don’t keep you safe, they invasively grope your wife in public and make you watch them do it, with the implied threat of violence and imprisonment if you don’t smile like a good piggy and thank them afterwards.  Their goal in life isn’t to reduce the number of plane hijackings, it is to reduce new mothers to tears in public, and force them to choose between mobility and the ability to feed their infantchild

Anyone that complains about all of this too much is branded a “terrorist” and is watched closely for signs of trouble-making.  They are trying out the idea of drone strikes against American Citizens without trial or even determination of guilt, so those branded as terrorist, as well as anyone in a 30 meter radius, had better look out, lest they become “enemy combatants” as well.   

What kind of an idiot could truly think that these motherfuckers are the solution to any of their problems?  You know, a farmer will feed his pigs, give them a warm, dry place to sleep, and inject them with antibiotics to keep them from falling ill.  He’ll even protect his pigs from the coyotes, but understand one thing: he’ll do so because he wants the meat, not because he gives a shit about the pig.  

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