Friday, February 21, 2014

If You Aren’t Doing Anything Illegal, Then You’ve Got Nothing to Fear

In response to TMW’s post here, I couldn’t help but notice that a commenter posted to the effect of the title of this post, which is to say that he touted the old “if you ain’t doin’ nothing illegal, then you ain’ got nothin’ to fear” line, of which readers will know that I’m woefully tired. 

LOL.Well I guess your right to jack cars and drive them around with impunity afterward just went up the same hole your right to do drugs did. Along with your right to raise your kids as white supremists or religious whack jobs. I love Mom and apple pie but some of the American libertarians need to be fired out of a cannon.Believe it or not most cops have better things to do than hassle house-husbands.

Tam’s response was brilliant, biting, and snarky, as is her unquestioned talent:

Only a simpleton with a room temperature IQ and breath that whiffs of Uncle Sam’s scrote sweat would be unable to imagine any way that this could be misused to mess up their own life.I’m always amazed that people like you can find the “on” switch on the computer, but I shouldn’t be, since you obviously know how to work a voting machine.

My response, which was quite uncharacteristically laconic, I think, was even better.  To the statement “believe it or not, most cops have better things to do than hassle house husbands” I simply replied:


*By the way, the idea has since been scrapped, what with the publicity of the thing and all.  They probably would have gone ahead with it if they’d been able to keep it a secret, but they weren’t.  


  1. Well Goober as a hard core conservative, looking at libertarians, for me - is like looking in a fun house mirror. Tam has always struck me a stunned c*nt - yet libertarians sing her praises. Marko is trying to pose as a sophisticated writer but is nothing but a pussified house husband - probably going stir-crazy as we speak. Spending so much time around women and children during the day is mentally unhealthy - a man is prone to begin thinking like them if he is not careful.

    Those 'brilliant' libertarians couldn't answer the question - so maybe you can: where are all these falsely accused good citizens that are supposedly rotting in prison, sent there by dirty cops? Where are the effeminate house husbands that have been busted for - nothing? Where are the braying morons like Tam whose only crime was being stupid on the internet? Where are they hiding all these falsely accused felons who were booked and hung out to dry on trumped up charges? Last time I looked, most prisons are so full of seriously dangerous murderers, pedos, rapists and career criminals - that they had to let them out early because they couldn't store them all.

    And yeah, I know the cops make mistakes, that they have gone in with guns blazing at the wrong address. What the childish libertarians don't understand is that when they do that at the RIGHT address - which is the vast majority of the time - they are seriously in danger of facing a hail of lead from the type of scum that would cut your throat for a nickel. So what's the answer? Don't enforce the law because we might make mistakes? The mind of the libertarian wobbles.

    The hell of it is - as a conservative intellectual I can see and understand 95% of your libertarian agenda. I agree with your second amendment rights. I agree with the idea of smaller and more accountable gov't. I agree with your right to free speech. But idiots like Tam will scream that I am as bad as the progtards because I don't think drugs should be legal. You MAY have a case for pot - but drugs like meth destroy both the addict and their families. How can a libertard defend that and reconcile it with their non-aggression and "do no harm unto others" philosophy? If you make, sell or use that shit it WILL destroy you and in the process you WILL hurt others. And cults - JFC - can brainwashed people, or those being coerced by cult leaders and polygamists - make their own decisions freely? Do idiots like Tam ask themselves questions like this? I know the Munchkin Wrangler doesn't...but I am as bad as the Donks and progtards for even bringing this up, right? Better to shut up and let an unemployable house husband like Marko - or a gun store clerk like Tam - do your thinking for you, eh?

    Fact is if assholes like Tam and Marko could STFU and stop preaching and start listening, thinking and actually discussing things with conservatives we would all be better for it. The fact is that both Tam and Marko have EXACTLY the gov't they deserve, and at the rate libertarians are going you will be licking Hillary's boots in 2016.

    Unfortunately it'll serve you right too.

  2. The way I teach my kids to interact with cops is "Don't give them the slightest cause to attack you." Avoid them, don't stay near them, talk as little as possible around them, no sudden movements.

    Once they understand that lesson, I explain that it applies to every stranger with power over them.