Sunday, December 19, 2010

Politically Correct Logical Fallacy Alert!

I read this article today. It is about the prevalence of TB in the UK today, which is obviously a symptom of the massive immigration from the middle east that has occurred there, recently. TB is quite a bit more common in the middle east than it is in most western countries.

The politically correct mumbo-jumbo starts right about here:

Most tuberculosis cases in Britain are in people born overseas, although not in recent arrivals. About 85 percent of people with tuberculosis have been in Britain for at least two years, meaning the disease is not being imported, but circulating locally.

It only takes one guy bringing it in, getting through health screening, to make it “imported”- but it doesn't matter whether the disease was "imported" or if it was a native - the fact is that it is circulating in immigrant areas, due to the predilection of immigrants to group together in micro-societies within their host country. This means that that community is hit hardest when one person from that same community brings it into the country, or even catches it from a "native" source. This is important. I will grant that the rise is a locally circulating problem, and is not, on a wide scale, an imported problem in the sense that a bunch of infected people are getting through immigration health screening, but here is where we really go off the rails:

"The rise in tuberculosis cases has nothing to do with migration and immigrants," said Alimuddin Zumla of University College London, author of the commentary.

Yes, it does. It has everything to do with immigrants, because it is the immigrant community that is being hit the hardest, by your own admission. This problem is an imported problem, whether or not the disease, itself, came from the UK or Timbuktu, because it is infecting "imported" people. It is hanging out in immigrant communities because the immigrants live together and spread it amongst themselves. The more you deny that, the more you will focus on solving the problem by working on the wrong solutions, and the more these poor people will suffer.

Political correctness, and the effort to not offend the immigrants, is making that which is truly an immigrant problem into something else; making an easy to solve problem (better screening of immigrants, and health services concentrating on screening and treating immigrant populations) much harder to solve (the inability to focus on the root cohort that the problem is effecting because of political correctness). This is unspeakably evil, in my opinion, because people will likely die due to a response that will be hobbled by the effort to keep from offending anyone - but at least they will die without being offended.

God damn political correctness, hyper-sensitivity, and all this murdering of people with kindness

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