Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Old Writing - 2nd Amendment Incorporation Decision

Awww, poor wittle pissy-pants leftists lost.

I love the current gasping and hand-wringing going on in the leftist media about the incorporation of the 2nd Amendment to the States. In the face of all of the data stating otherwise, leftists, never ones to allow reality to get in the way of a good feeling, are convinced that gun bans work to reduce gun crime. Roger Ebert, in fact, tweeted recently “29 killed in Chicago over the weekend by guns. Those darn unconstitutional gun laws at work” – a statement so absurd on its face that I almost mistook it for an earnest statement at first, in support of the anti-ban logic, until I realized that this sub-moron was actually being sarcastic, and serious – as a heart attack.

He completely misses the fact that “those unconstitutional gun laws” are actually in effect in Chicago as we speak, meaning that despite the total handgun ban there, 29 people were still shot in a two-day period, more or less proving that gun bans don’t work, if anything could. Yet he seems to think that had the bans been lifted, the death toll would have been even higher.

Despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, showing that legal gun ownership has a huge net downward effect on total gun crime in any given area, leftists like Roger Ebert continue to plug their ears and scream louder so that they can’t hear the truth, and insist that if you make guns illegal, that there will be no guns to commit crimes with.

Ahh, the undying liberal exhaltation of all things State. You know, because if the State says that something is illegal, all of those things will simply disappear, right? And the criminals? You know as well as I do that they will gladly follow the law to the letter and turn in their guns on the day that it passes….


Wrong, sub-morons. If you outlaw guns, the only people that then have them are outlaws. You only effectively disarm the law-abiding public, leaving them easy pickings for the criminal underclass who don’t give two hot shits about what the State allows them to do or not do, or have and not have.

Case in point, have you noticed how the outlawing of illicit drugs has caused them to completely disappear from our streets? No? Well, how is that possible? Could it be that black markets are created by State restrictions on a good or service that there is a demand for? (Think, illegal drugs, prostitution, gambling – shall I go on?) It couldn’t possibly be that even if guns were banned completely from the USA, that black markets would spring up, selling guns to criminals that use them on a defenseless populace?

Oh, but don’t let reality stop you from believing. If you hold your breath and wish REAL HARD you might get your skittle-shitting unicorn yet – just make sure you don’t let that pesky reality, or that criminal that is currently mugging your defenseless ass, get in the way.

Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away – and that is only if you have the ability to contact them for help.

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