Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Border Incursions Are Nothing New

In 1916, the United States of America was invaded by an ultra-violent Mexican killer and his crew bent on murder and savagery for their own benefit. The townspeople of Columbus would never be the same. We sent Black Jack Pershing after Pancho Villa, even invading Mexico in order to track him down. WWI distracted us from actually catching the bastard, but we followed him nearly to the border of Guatemala, and afterwards, he never messed with us again. My, how things change in 90 years.

In 2006, an area of the United States was invaded by Mexican criminals again. 3,500 acres, to be exact. And what was our response? Invading Mexico in order to chase down the criminal? A military blockade of the border in the area? Construction of an impassable fence with motion detection and automated fully-automatic phalanx guns on rotating turrets with interlocking fire?

Nope. We just recommended that American citizens stop going there to make sure no one gets hurt, and let the criminals have the land. Whether you want to admit it or not, we are now an occupied nation. Like a bit of poop in your drinking water, even a tiny bit is enough to consider the whole mess contaminated. Well, we’ve ceded 3,500 acres of American soils to criminals because…

…well, I’m not sure why. It wouldn’t be even a little difficult to fix the problem. Even a quick pretend distribution of land mines in the area with signs warning that they are there would stop the problem. I’ll bet that wouldn’t cost $50,000. What the hell is going on?

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