Monday, January 12, 2015

Surveillance State

Was having a philosophical debate with my brother in law last night about gun control, and why there are few other laws that stop illegal activity by banning the tools that facilitate that activity.

You don't prevent speeding by banning cars. You don't prevent marijuana use by banning glass blowers building hookah pipes. And you don't prevent gun violence by banning guns.

He brought up alcohol stills, and how owning one is illegal(without special dispensation). I proved to him that he's wrong by looking up stills for sale to private people, no strings attached, on either Amazon or Ebay.

Now, the ads on every website I go to are trying to sell me whisky stills.

I tell you, if these corporations ever start sharing this information they're collecting on us with the government...

My god...

Wait, what?

They already are?

Shit, I'm getting SWAT raided for moonshining now, huh...


  1. Too costly for the government on a general basis. Prisons are already overcrowded and so on and so forth... one has to prioritize.

  2. It was a joke... not actually being serious.

  3. You can be charged with possession of burglars tools.

    1. I know. And drug paraphernalia also. I was making a rather poor point at the time.