Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stop Feeding the Trolls

At the link, you'll find yet another example of a guy who says something totally reasonable, has it twisted into a hateful screed by SJWs, and then apologizes for espousing a perfectly reasonable opinion.

To be honest, I'm tired of the apologies.  They need to stop.

People, if you say something that is reasonable, not hateful, and they take it out of context and twist it into something hateful, call them out on that.  Don't apologize.  It just gives them ammunition.  SJWs gonna SJW.  You can't stop them.  I'm tired of their targets bowing under to their pressure.


The celebrity in question, Billy Crystal, is probably the last guy on Earth you think you'd catch the gay lobby turning on.  He played the first openly gay character on TV, and caught a lot of shit for it.
Of course, it might have just been the hair.  You never know.
What did he say that was so offensive?

Oh, only that we should be careful about putting graphic gay sex scenes on television.

"The HELL you say!"
I am so weary of this whole charade, where having totally reasonable opinions and predilections is typecast as being hateful.

Look, I'm a straight guy who is totally on the side of any gay person looking for equality.  You want to get married and call it a marriage?  I'm a fan.  I'll vote for it.  You have my support.    You are my equal in every way.  I don't look down on you; I don't hold you out as something "weird" or "different."  I don't look at you as being less, or wrong, or immoral.  You are just you. Go, get married, with my blessing.
And be as awesomely fabulous as you dare while doing it.
But you can't change the fact that I react with disgust to the idea of gay sex.  There's nothing you can do to stop me, because it's fucking gross.  Sorry, I guess I'm a h8tr, because I have no desire to see gay sex, or be exposed to it in any way.

And so I agree with Billy Crystal.  I think networks should be careful about throwing up graphic gay sex scenes on TV.
"After that, I don't even have the energy left to clutch my pearls."
For the life of me, I can't figure out how this makes me a h8tr.  To be honest, you'd think that I'd gain tolerance points for being completely tolerant of people doing things that I find repulsive.

Because seriously, dude...  gross!

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