Friday, January 9, 2015

Hoping Things are Looking Up

Had a few interviews.  Have a few more lined up.  Crashed and burned on one interview yesterday - couldn't put into words why I wanted to change from General Contracting to specialty contracting without making it seem like I was saying that specialty contracting was easier and less work, which is not what I meant.  I think they were unimpressed.


Got a couple more on the hook, just waiting to see what they say.  I expect that by the end of next week I'll have some offers trickle in.  One prospect that I'm really excited about seems to be coming to fruition quite nicely.  I've got a second and third interview with them Monday.

Then the VP is flying in from Colorado to meet me.

Sounds good, don't it?

Just don't screw it up, Goober...

Just don't screw it up...

For the love of god, man, don't screw this up!

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