Thursday, January 8, 2015

Keep on Keeping on....

Rare dissent here, in response to a post over at Borepatch's blog, calling a man who killed himself and his wife "brave".  

I disagreed.  It takes more bravery and fortitude to keep on keeping on than it ever does to just put an end to things.

Where's the bravery in the blackness?

I wanted to live so badly this year with my heart/cancer scare and surgery, that I forgot everything else. I became so overwhelmed with what it meant to "go on" that I ended up getting myself fired. The pills caused me so much fatigue, and the fight caused me so much distraction, and the depression (which I posted about on my blog) caused me so much "don't give a fuck" that it showed through in my performance at work, and my boss fired me.

I'm so ashamed of that, and so depressed by the fact that I failed so miserably to uphold my end, in spite of my problems, that it almost seems like all the fighting was in vain.

But screw that. I've got a vested interest in this life, and even when it feels like that isn't enough, the fact that there are people that have a vested interest in me is reason enough to hang around. '

Only cowards take the easy way out. It is the permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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