Friday, August 22, 2014

Flame Suit On...

What other business or organization on Earth feels justified in being violent and vitriolic to this extent, simply because someone decided to use their competition instead of them?

How would you feel if the local Cadillac dealer attacked Ms. Lakshmi in similar fashion because she decided to buy a Lincoln?  Or if a local construction company did the same because she hired their competitor to remodel her restaurant?  To call her a whore and threaten to break her face because she decided to use the competition?

Why have we become so accustomed to, and accepting of, the violent, vitiriolic actions of labor unions?  Especially when you consider that all they are is a business organization in competition in the market, who sometimes gets outbid by their competitors?

Why do union people feel like they are entitled to other people’s money?  Why aren’t their demands to be hired at higher prices when other, less expensive alternatives exist, considered nothing more than that – entitlement to another’s money? 

Imagine your local Cadillac dealer calling you a filthy whore and threatening to smash your face in because you bought a less expensive Lincoln.  Imagine the entitlement one must have to consider you to be bound to pay more for the same service, because they say so. 

What other organization can act this way and survive? 

The answer, dear reader, comes stark and obvious upon further thought: No other legal organization is allowed to act this way.  The only other organizations that do are all on the shady side of the law.  Organized crime. 

I call it like I see it, and when people in labor unions act like this, I can come to no other conclusion.  


  1. How can you not grin when you read a line like:
    "... Teamsters threatening and harassing Lakshmi and Levy said Bravo and Magical Elves share blame for putting the cast and crew in a dangerous situation."
    Yes, Magical Elves is the production company, but it's still funny.

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