Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Heart Update

So I’ve been sort of absent, more than usual.  I don’t follow the “post every day” rule of blogging that many do, mainly because if I did, it would become too much to handle and I would stop doing it.  So I don’t worry if I don’t post every day, but I try to post regularly at least, and I’ve been falling down on that duty recently, for good reason. 

You’ll recall that I’ve had some issues with my heart recently.  I had a second echocardiogram done on the advice of my doctor, and they found a mass on my heart. 

Scariest two weeks of my life, waiting for the results of that MRI, let me tell you. 

Looks like I have a malformation on my heart.  So no tumor, no malignancy, which is good. 

But I get to have heart surgery soon to remove it.  Which is scary. 

I’ve been busy dealing with that and trying to be a strong father and good husband in the midst of it all, and so I’ve allowed the blog to languish.  I won’t apologize, since I would hope that any of you would do the same under the same circumstances, but I will put this out there by way of explaining what’s going on.  


  1. The hell with us- if anything in your life is fated to languish, let it be this blog and us readers! Good luck with your surgery and congratulations on your not having a tumor! Take care, and don't worry about us.

  2. Prayers you way!


  3. Thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and a quick recovery...

  4. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family . . .