Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Comment Trolls, Stalkers, and Prolific Internet Bloggers...

I want to preface this all by saying that I’m not a white knight.  I’ve no delusions of sweeping in to rescue the fair maiden in any situation, much less this one.  I’m happily married, and fat and too lazy, really, to try and do something about all of this.  Furthermore, I’m certain that of all people, Tam is the last person on Earth that would need me to rush to her rescue. 

So none of this is posted in defense of Tam.  Far be it from me to presume that she wants or needs my help.  I want you all to read this as if I was writing it about a comment troll on Borepatch’s blog, as much as one on Tam’s.  This is all posted because of my insatiable need for justice, and to point out that which is unjust, for all to see.

(And by all, I mean both of you who read this…)

This, gentle reader, is meant as an impeachment of the person who has been trolling her blog, and comment stalking her to the point to where she shut her blog down. 

Artist's rendition

As is very typical of stalkers, he persists in showing up despite being told multiple times that he’s not welcome.  He admits that he’s been banned under several names, and keeps changing his name so he can come back and troll her some more.  He cannot stand that fact that she disagrees with him on several items.  He proceeds under the delusion that:

  1.       Tam owes him something, somehow, and that her kicking him off of her blog is a monumental injustice that simply cannot stand, and that he will not be ignored (crazy);
  2.           Tam is somehow obligated to agree with him on all things, and if she disagrees, he is entitled to item 3 (insane);
  3.       Tam deserves to be berated and abused for not accepting items 1 and 2 (batshit)  
  4.       Tam is obligated to present him only in a positive light, and portraying anything that he said in less than glowing terms is taking it “out of context” or “misinterpreting it” when in fact, any clear-thinking person could only interpret it the way Tam did. 

He’s lost his bully pulpit in the form of Tam’s site, so he has resorted to posting his long, trollish rants on Tam’s roommate’s site.  Roberta X, being the intelligent person that she is, left his rant up for all to see.  Go, read.

He starts out by posting a threat to all of the people that have “threatened” him.  Of course, I’ve seen no evidence at all that anyone has threatened him, but it is par for the course for the delusional to spin themselves into the victim role.  He then makes a hilarious legal threat, which Popehat would have a heyday with.  It even goes so far as to hint at saying “govern yourself accordingly, because I has multiple lawyers and I’m not afraid to use them!” 
I'm also a douchebag!

He then moves into a long justification for why what he’s doing is totally right and proper, and in the process, essentially admits to being a troll stalker.  Sort of like “I didn’t do anything wrong at all, you guys!  All I did was say things that Tam didn’t like, keep saying them until she banned me, then changed my name multiple times, through multiple bannings, so I could keep coming back and saying those things, over and over again!  I mean, seriously, what I did was totally rational!” 

He peppers his rant with delusions of persecution, as if being asked to leave someone’s private property because you’re being a asshole is an injustice that he’s never heard of, and is the only person on Earth to ever be subjected to such a travesty.

He fills it with excuses, like the time when he was plainly referring to showing up somewhere that Tam was so he could “see his little Georgia Girl” (Tam is originally from Georgia) he claims that he was, like, totes talking about his wife, you guys, serial…

"She lives in another town.  You wouldn't know her, but she's totally hot!"
And what, you might ask, is he saying that’s getting him banned?  Well, read the screed, dear reader.  In those three long-winded posts, I see him refer to Tam as bitter, barren, old, and “old maid”, a shrew, and a “shriveled shrew” (or other combination thereof) multiple times.  I’m not here to debate whether he’s right or wrong about Tam.  As I said, she can defend herself just fine.  But I want to point out that if you make it a habit of entering someone’s living room, calling them such names, then whining your guts out because that person asked you to leave, you are really spinning some serious rationalization dances to convince yourself that YOU are the aggrieved party. 

But seriously, can you imagine what insults like that must do to a person over time?  No one but Tam knows why she didn’t have kids, but what if it wasn’t by choice?  What kind of a total fuckhead runs around calling women “barren spinsters” and claiming that THEY are the victim?  My wife and I tried for many years to have a child.  If it turned out that we couldn’t, we would both have been heartbroken, and it would be a raw wound for the rest of our lives.  But this guy wants to claim that Tam is being completely unreasonable for banning him for heaping on such abuse. 

I’m just at a loss with this guy.  I cannot even imagine the depth of his delusion, that he thinks that he is in the right and Tam is in the wrong here.    

So if he comes here and reads this, allow me to posit a solution – come over here and comment troll ME, motherfucker.  I’d actually enjoy it, and I’ve got zero buttons to push.  You’ll be eating paste by the end of the week. 


  1. Come up with something better to insult him with--I'm pretty sure this guy already eats paste like I eat bacon.

    1. Start off slow, work your way into it.

      The eating paste thing is a popehat reference, by the way...

  2. Stop by if you feel you must.

    1. I'd rather chew my own leg off, thanks.

      Go fuck yourself.

  3. Not to defend this guy (his actions are indefensible), but I have to comment, for the sake of clarity and the truth, that looking into this idiot, I find the following:

    1) For the sake of brevity, we will assume the annoyingmouse poster at Roberta's is in fact the cyberstalker: JTC/Pawnbroker, etc
    2) JTC, or James Terry Curtiss, age 60, occupation: business owner as a pawn broker jewelry store owner.
    3) Pawnbroker's Google profile (under which he used to post at VFTP) lists his age as 60, and a father and husband since age 17. Presumably, since he married at a young age, he married a girlfriend (HS sweetheart perhaps?) who is similar in age to him (now 60)
    4) Frances Carter Curtiss, age 60, is listed as being a possible relative to JTC, and has a Georgia address.
    5) James Terry Curtiss and Frances Elaine Carter were married 12/18/1971 in Palm Beach county, FL
    6) In a comment on VFTP, JTC does refer to marrying his pregnant girlfriend, his "pregnant, five foot nothing blonde georgia girl."
    7) JTC, in his screed on Roberta's blog, stated that he was referring to his wife when he used the term "Georgia Girl"
    8) His actual statement, per Tam's FB page: "...I haven't hit a big show in a few years and just a walk-through with my little Georgia Girl would be fun. And I may see you at your Sun. gathering for a bit, maybe buy the group a round;..."
    9) He did not say he would come up to see his Georgia Girl, but rather imply that he might come to the gun show with his Georgia Girl. Then he implied he might stop by the Sunday gathering (the brewpub/lunch ?whatever? was going on, since I don't FB) and buy beers. Bad manners in the least, creepy form of celebrity stalking by fanboi in the worst.

    I only write this to correct your statement that he said he came "to see his little Georgia Girl" because he did not state that.

    However, this does nothing to excuse his boorish and ill-mannered behavior. He has the social graces and manners of a house fly. And I hate to insult house flies in such a manner.

    The rest of your post is spot-on, and clearly shows him to be a narcissistic little man with definite issues concerning his trollish behavior.

    I shudder to think that this in-duh-vidual has (grown) kids and acts like this. Seriously, did no one ever teach him how to act like an adult?

    1. Thank you Shrimp, my information is and has always been freely available, unlike some. There's more of it at my long-dormant blog which I re-opened for anyone with something to say. The Georgia girl thing is but one of many facts, but that's no fun is it?

      Celebrity? Who's the real fanboi?

  4. Don't thank me, I'm not on your side or defending you. I'm merely presenting the information in an unbiased as possible manner.

    FWIW, I also wasn't against you, until I watched you devolve into a troll in the comments on VFTP. You act like the wronged party, but your behavior has been anything but stellar. Surely you see that, maybe?

    For the record, I said, "creepy form of celebrity stalking by fanboi"

    Your behavior (posting under different names, anonymously, even after being asked to leave) is certainly fitting that profile. The use of the word celebrity there does not necessarily mean "star" or famous person, but Tam could easily be described as the latter within the gun/online community.

    I get it. You want acknowledgment. You want recognition, perhaps. You wanted so desperately to have your opinions echoed by Tam, or at least the occasional "attaboy" from her and the "in crowd" at VFTP. And instead, you made her mad, and she told you to go, but your ego couldn't let that happen. So you kept coming back, and you still keep coming back, and you just have to explain your side one more time...

    I'm done. I have no dog in this fight. I just wanted to say my piece and at least correct what I saw as an obvious error, and I have, and I'll do it again if needed.

  5. None of us are real for this character. He just graduated from arguing with the voices in his head to arguing with the voices in the box on his desk. Either way it's all about self validating his own awesomeness.

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