Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not so Fun When They Do it to You, Eh?

So this newspaper back east decides that they want all the folks in their state disarmed, and decide that intimidation is the route that they want to take to achieve their goal.  So they get their hands on the gun registration list for that state, and post the names, addresses, and personal information for every gun owner in the state to an interactive map on their website. 

Gun rights folks then turn around and post the names of the employees of that newspaper to the internet in retaliation, to see how they like it. 

The newspaper people get all hot and bothered about their personal information being posted for all to see (sucks, don’t it?) and hire armed guards to protect them because they now fear for their lives.  Poor babies. 

So they would like to work to deny us the very protection that they want to use for themselves – a gun.  It doesn’t change anything that they hire a man to do it instead of doing it themselves.  We can’t afford armed guards, assholes.  We buy guns for the same reason that you now have them – to protect ourselves from the irrational and violent among us.  You don’t get to take that right away from us while protecting it for yourselves, hypocrites. 

It occurs to me that there are probably several women on that list that you posted who bought a gun to protect themselves from a violent ex, who they are trying to hide from – quite unsuccessfully now that you’ve posted their information online.  So when the inevitable happens, and a woman gets hurt, beaten, raped, or killed, or, best case scenario, she shoots the ex before he can hurt her, is that blood on your hands? 

You’re goddamned right it is.  Own it, you mental midgets.  

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