Monday, January 28, 2013

So I looked into Westboro Baptist Church a bit to see if some additional research on the topic could shed some light onto why the Phelps gang are such a bunch of asshats. While it did shed some light on some things about them, it actually made their asshattery even more confusing.

 You see, they believe we’re all going to Hell.

 All of us. Including them.

 They don’t think that there is a way around it. They believe that their mission is to let us all know that we’re going to Hell. Not so that we can do something about it to right our wrongs and change our ways so that we DON’T go to Hell (because they don’t believe that is possible), but just so that we know that we are. So their god, the one that they pray to and worship in their church, is really an evil bastard that they all fear and know is going to cause them to live eternity in torture once they die.

 And knowing that simply made me more confused about why they are who they are. Wouldn’t one, knowing that they have an eternity of Hellfire in their future, live every day of life to the fullest? Try to make it as much fun and as enjoyable as possible? Hell, even splurge a bit, since god is already pissed at you and already has the ultimate punishment in store, so why not earn it? Why the slavish devotion to spread the message of a being that they know is going to torture them for eternity no matter what they do?

 If I had the information that they did, this life would be an entirely different one for me, altogether. It would be one of rebellion against such a being. It would be one of poking him in his eye as often as possible, and doing everything that he commanded me not to just to make sure I got under his skin as much as possible. If he’s going to torture me forever for being a good person, then why not be a bad person and really piss him off? Because he’ll torture me forever plus one?

 And one more thing – No kids. There is no way that I’d satisfy the bastard by making another soul for him to torture for eternity. Yet the Phelps clan seem to still be making them. It baffles me how they’ve come up with such a world view.

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