Thursday, January 31, 2013

33rd Birthday Today

Celebrating the completion of my 32nd complete trip around the sun today. Here’s hoping that the 33rd is as much fun, but a little less stressful.   

To make this a little more interesting and little less self-centered, here is a list of notable people that were also born on January 31st and my reaction to sharing a birthday with them: 

First – Celebrities

·        Justin Timberlake – Couldn’t give less of a fuck if I tried
·        Zane Grey – Pretty damn cool.  If you’ve never read any of Grey’s stuff, and you like westerns, give him a shot. 
·        Jackie Robinson – Also pretty damned cool.  This guy single-handedly broke down the race barrier in professional baseball by being so damn good at it that the powers that be looked beyond his race.
·        Johnnie Rotten from the Sex Pistols – Mildly cool.  Their music is mostly crap.  Revolutionary, genre changing crap, granted.  But that was kind of the point, wasn’t it? 
·        Minnie Driver – Don’t know much about her, but I recognize the name.
·        Nolan Ryan – Badass pitcher.  More or less the guy who’s picture they put next to “badass pitcher” when you look that term up in the Dictionary.
·        Jason Cooper – Drummer for the Cure.  They made more crap than they did good, but when they did good, they did really good.

Then – Historical figures

·        1734 – Robert Morris: Signatory to the Declaration of Independence.  Not as famous as some signers, but would have hung just the same as the rest if the revolution hadn’t worked out to his favor.  

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