Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Updates Jan 13

I bought a new boat in September.  I traded up both of our old boats for one new one, and boy oh boy is it a sweet unit.  21’ northwest jet lightning, 400 horsepower 6 liter Marine Power V-8, with a Hamilton 212 jet pump.  It is a do-all boat.  Skiing, whitewater, fishing, and playing on the water.  I’m really happy with it.  I’ve run it up Hell’s Canyon now twice past Imnaha http://i909.photobucket.com/albums/ac291/vintagedude/box3039.jpg and once more to the base of Imnaha without running through.  Here’s some pics of her beached at Bear Bar on one of the trips.  That’s the lovely Mrs. Goober posing for the camera.  The whole canyon was on fire that day, so it was really smokey, but the run was really fun and challenging because the river was at summertime lows.  Super shallow, and super spiny.  There were rocks sticking out everywhere, and at one point in time the depth finder was reading 0.8 feet deep below the keel as I ripped through at 30 miles per hour.  For the maths-challenged, that’s about 10 inches. 

Also, the helicopters and water bombers were running in and out all day, which was kind of cool.  Cheers to the brave men that do that stuff for a living, because none of what they were doing looked safe. 

I caught an 8 pound walleye a few weekends ago on Potholes Reservoir in central Washington.  Those things eat real nice.  It looks small in comparison to me, but remember – I’m 6’-4” tall and 320 pounds.  This is a big fish.

Did a bunch of bird hunting this year.  I got my buddy his first pheasant and took my other buddy out to my secret spot with his new bird dog.  We got a lot of birds that day. 

Token pic of bird dog since I can't find the picture of the bird hunt...  huh... 

The steelhead runs have been pretty bad this year.  I’m 0 for 2 on trips down to the canyon.  Haven’t been skunked in quite a while, so that hurt.  Missed a good one on my last trip – spit the hook at the net.  So no pics.  Sorry. 

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