Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Real big time groundbreaking news, here, guys. This is world changing; life changing even. There is a new GAO report out that shows…

wait for it…

…that the government is extremely wasteful and pisses away your and my hard-earned confiscated tax dollars like DC itself was ablaze with a flame that can only be put out by snuffing it in a mile-high pile of dollar bills.

I’ll give you a second to gain control of yourself. I know, this is really shocking news. You good?

Alright, then.

So, let me ask you a question: Since government is pretty much the only entity on Earth that is in the business of spending other people’s money, has the power to extract more money from its subjects anytime it wants to at the point of a gun, and has a monopoly on the application – or even threat – of violence to get its way (since they have the only group of men with guns that gets to use violence to enforce their will), then why in the fuck is it surprising, shocking, a “bombshell”, or even “scathing” to point out that which is obvious; that the government is not the best choice to be keepers of our money, and is not the best choice for making decisions on how to spend it, and should be the last choice of who to give our money to in order to actually acquire anything of value other than waste and a few $500 dollar toilet seats?

How could anyone on Earth possibly think that the government will make better decisions on how to spend their money than they will, themselves, if they were to be allowed to keep more of it and use it in the way they see fit?

Republican, Democrat, or Whig, I don’t care - basic human nature dictates that when you are spending an asset that you did not labor to earn yourself, you don’t give a shit about it and will fritter it away like babies go through diapers. Basic human nature then asserts that government will always be wasteful, inefficient, and deaf to the people, because it isn’t their money that they are spending. They didn’t sacrifice or risk anything to “earn” it. They were given an allocation and told to spend it, and so they do – in the most unintelligent and wasteful way possible because there is no pride of ownership or sense of opportunity cost lost in pissing it all away.

But don’t worry, I’m sure that they are the best people for the job of being in control of our healthcare and healthcare decisions. Just plug your ears, scream loudly enough that the truth won’t trickle in, and keep telling yourself that government run healthcare is going to be just fine. “Government is a terrible servant, and a fearful master” - George Washington

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