Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Place of Gubmint

Because these are people that no sane person would willingly wish into their lives, we must demand that they effect our lives as little as possible. As I’ve said before and I will say again – the valid functions of Federal Government include:

  1. Regulating commerce between the states and foreign interests. Not dictating. Regulating. As in, settling disputes and laying the ground rules on fair trade. This means commerce, as in, monetary transactions where goods and services change hands. Not the commonly-used definition, which is “anything that effects commerce at all” which is to more clearly say “everything”.

  2. Maintaining a military for common defense.

  3. Building the Interstate Highway system (the “Post roads” described specifically in the Constitution).

  4. Coining money.

  5. Ensuring that all states provide a republican form of governance (no, I don’t mean the Republican Party, you ninny, get an education).

  6. Collecting taxes from the various states, NOT THE INDIVIDUAL, to pay for the above.
The valid functions of State government are:

  1. Regulating commerce within the boundaries of the State. Not dictating. Regulating. Basically, setting up the UCC.

  2. Building and maintaining state roads and highways.

  3. Protecting the commons within each state from exploitation in whichever way is deemed most expedient.

  4. Collecting taxes from the individual, including those taxes that will be passed on to the feds. This allows the state to act as an intermediary between the feds and the people to check federal power.

  5. Setting about laws and codes, sticking to malum in se as much as possible, and malum prohibitum as sparingly as possible, to regulate the actions of those citizens who would not self-regulate without rule of law, and to punish those who choose to not abide by these rules.

  6. Provide a state-wide police force, restricted in power to only assist local police forces with technical needs when requested, investigate local police action if needed, and with no direct police powers over the people, themselves, except for over the local police.

  7. Protect private property rights and defend the individual citizen from all violations of his rights.

  8. Setting educational standards to be met by schools.
The valid functions of local (county, city) governments are:

  1. local codes and ordinances, including zoning, land use, and so forth, but heavily restricted to only the most basic, common sense rules. No factories in residential zones, and so forth.

  2. Provide a police force that is the only force that has direct power to police the individual, whose power is checked by the state police, and who’s mission statement, to serve and protect, not to discover and punish, is drilled into their heads every single dy, and fire anyone who does not fall into lockstep with this creed.

  3. Providing schools by whichever means is most practicable, with the caveat that vouchers for taxes paid for public schools shall be issued to whomever wishes to opt out of public schooling and use private schools, instead.

  4. Provide for local roads and maintenance.

  5. provide for utilities, water, sewer, etc by whichever means is most expedient.

  6. Lay taxes on the people to pay for all of the above.

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