Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Officer Darren Wilson, the Mossad Agent?

It's reflexive with these people, I swear to gorn...  

Every one of the world's problems boils down to one of their little pet issues.  No opportunity to bring up some shibboleth is ignored.  

Apparently, Officer Wilson shot Mike Brown because...

Picture shamelessly stolen from Tam.  Like a boss.

...wait, what?  

Because Israel, I guess?  

I will note that while this IS in Washington State, it is on the "other side" from where I live.  I take no ownership of this mess, and do not claim these people as my own. 

Big thanks to Tam, as always, for venturing out into the valley of the shadow to read about these things and bring them back for those of us not brave enough to venture there to consume and...

...enjoy, I guess?  

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