Wednesday, November 19, 2014

King George, is that you?

On the eve of Barack Obama's decision to scrap the Constitution and just usurp Congressional powers into unchecked, imperial executive powers, I feel compelled to song...  (to the tune of "Sound of Silence.")

Hello King George, my old friend,
I’ve come to suffer you again.
Making proclamations sweeping,
Leaving your opponents weeping.
Until they, once again take the throne,
And send you home.

These are the acts
Of tyrants.

I really doubt very much
That you’d give your opponents such
Wide and unchecked powers, sweeping
But that’s exactly what you’re choosing.
Unless, you think you’ll always be in charge?
Your blind spot is large.

These are the acts
Of tyrants.

I don’t want to hear a word,
You insufferable turd,
When in two years you’re seeing
The effects of what you’re doing
And the GOP starts ruling without leave
It’ll be bereaved

These are the acts

Of tyrants.  

Fucking idiot.  Stupid, stupid fucking idiot.  

Unless he's absolutely convinced that he will always be in charge, and that an opponent will never again hold the office of Presidency, this is an insanely dangerous precedent for him to set.  

It's dangerous for everyone, and he apparently hasn't bothered to think about that.  

What's he going to do if President Romney decided to use these shiny new usurpations to his own ends?  

Or President Palin?  

Is the democrat party incapable of looking forward into the future beyond NOW, to see the amazingly dangerous repercussions of this?  Holy fuck on a stick, people, this is how Banana Republics get started.  If he has the power to wave his pen and make things law, then why not just get rid of that pesky Presidential term limit thingy while he's there?  Okay, so you trust Obama not to do this.  How about Jeb Bush?  Or Bobby Jindal?  Sarah Palin, maybe?  Would you trust them to not "sign away" the next election?    

If you would not want your ideological opponent to wield a power, you should not be in favor of holding it yourself, because - get this - in a Constitutional Republic, that holds regular elections and has term limits, YOU WON'T ALWAYS BE IN POWER, YOU SUB-MORON!  

I respectfully request permission to face punch every stupid motherfucker that I see lauding this suicidal act of idiocy.  Pretty please?  

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