Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This, I Think, is a Decent Question...

Right now I have one question, and I think it’s a good one:

What in the deep-fried fuck is the matter with temporarily suspending travel to and from the countries that are Ebola outbreak zones? 

Why are all of the folks at the CDC and in the federal government treating that concept like it’s a toxic hot-potato?  Don’t they see that the precedent has been set by Travis Duncan? 

Can’t find a bed in an Ebola ward in Africa?  Don’t want to risk the poor medical care you’ll receive there?  Just hop on a plane to the US, and they’ll treat you (for free) using the best technology medical science has to offer! 

Is it fear of racism?  Why do the needs of non-us citizens 6,000 miles away trump the responsibility that these people have to protect their own constituency?  

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