Thursday, October 2, 2014

Job Well Done, Dipshits...

So the ebola guy sweated on sheets, coughed on pillows, and ended up vomiting on the floor of the apartment where he stayed in Texas, and the CDC and local authorities have issued a quarantine order on those people that were there with him in that apartment. 

Makes perfect sense, right?  I agree with that decision.  Quarantine away, guys! 

So where do they quarantine them?  

In the apartment full of ebola soaked sheets and vomit, with no directions on how to clean up the mess to avoid them getting sick with Ebola. 

"Im from the government, and I'm here to help!"

So a bunch of people who may or may not have Ebola are now living in the filth of a man who did.  Pretty much an Ebola hot zone, where if they don’t have Ebola NOW, they are probably at a pretty high risk of getting it. 

Good job, gang.  Fucking job well done. 

The family tried to leave, and now everybody is treating them like they’re criminals.

But not a one of them would want to stay in that apartment.  Not a one.  And I don’t blame them for trying to leave. 

(The picture above was the best one of a derpy government official, I'm not insinuating that Obama is to blame here...)

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  1. Looks like late yesterday they finally sent in a hazmat team after making the family stay in the infectious apartment for three days with no training on how to properly sanitize the place.

    God help them. Hope they dodged a bullet.